Unparalleled Expertise on Kibo

We have what it takes to build amazing experiences on the Kibo platform. Okay, okay — every company is going to make audacious claims about how they’re the best. But we think it’s rather difficult to rival Echidna’s capabilities when it comes to designing, developing, and marketing on the Kibo platform.

Commerce based in the cloud

Cloud-based commerce is the current mega trend in the industry, and there’s good reason why. Obviously, there’s no such thing as “the Cloud” — everything has to live somewhere. But instead of taking the burden of data hosting and protection upon themselves, cloud-based commerce has allowed leading retailers to essentially hand-off those hassles to specialist commerce platforms such as Kibo.

Regarding Kibo specifically, it truly is a great platform that’s positioned very well within this trend. Because it's cloud-based, Kibo doesn't require a huge IT or infrastructure investment just to get the system set up. Kibo is also always up-to-date. Again, that saves you time and money, since you no longer have to undergo a large system overhaul to update to the newest version. And due to the nature of SaaS, Kibo is easily scalable -- if and when your store grows, you simply tap into more of Kibo's power to accommodate the growth.

A great platform needs a great builder

As a specialist in building and improving a commerce platform, Kibo naturally relies on other companies to actually develop and implement projects on the platform.

It just so happens that Echidna one of Kibo's preferred implementation partners. How did we achieve that, you ask? The answer isn't complicated.
• Our cross-functional teams have spent nearly 50,000 man-hours on Kibo projects.
• We have a team of over 25 people dedicated solely to Kibo.
• Echidna has delivered 18 Kibo implementations.

So it’s more than safe to say we have plenty of experience on the Kibo platform.

Walking the walk

Speaking about commerce solutions providers, one of our clients recently said, “A lot of these companies look good on paper, but when it comes to implementation they struggle; so Echidna actually has a ‘leg up’ on that aspect.”
A lot of these companies look good on paper, but when it comes to implementation they struggle; so Echidna actually has a ‘leg up’ on that aspect.
So although we’re still striving to reach perfection, our clients do recognize and appreciate that we not only talk a good game — we actually follow through and deliver results. To get an even deeper sense of what it’s like to work with Echidna, head on over to a recent interview with an Echidna client.

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