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Developing a Foundation to Support Future-Readiness:
Choosing an e-Commerce Platform

Perspectives on Future-Readiness for the Building Materials Industry

FAQ on Magento 2 Migration

Client Spotlight:
Ergodyne expands B2B and B2C businesses with improved e-commerce operations

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You have ambitious plans for 2019 with moving parts and demanding initiatives. We understand the Digital Journey your enterprise has embarked upon is continually evolving and maturing. To support your schedule, we guide and enable you to maximize your CommerceEngine and technology ecosystem.

Your Journey is Our Journey.

Partnering with Echidna means working alongside our principals who have both helped lead successful Digital Commerce businesses at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Lexmark, Dell, National Instruments, and Teleflora as well as from Digital Commerce Technology solution leaders like ATG, Oracle, and Demandware. With this strong Digital Commerce solutions knowledge, thought leading strategy disciplines and an evidence based user experience philosophy, all via our principal-led engagement model, we help craft a future-proof plan for your Digital Journey.

Your Journey is Our Journey
— leverage our expertise and guidance to:

Enhance and optimize your business agility

Improve your buyer’s user experience

Scale and grow all current and future digitally driven revenue streams

And with that, we can help you ensure long-lasting and profitable customer relationships.

Continuous Innovation

In today’s digital economy, change is constant. Your constituents expect seamless and consistent transactions and experiences. They are becoming more digitally mature every day. Are you?

The Journey has just begun.

Areas of Focus

We commit to help your Enterprise navigate the Journey to increased digital maturity, ensuring the outcome you strive for. From looking holistically at everything involved to create a successful multichannel growth plan to a partnership of specific capability expertise, we realize Digital Commerce is more then simply implementing a technology platform. To have continual success, we are here to address all aspects of your company’s ability to manage and grow the online channel.


Digital Journey Maturity Model

Our experience adds value at each point of your journey. Echidna’s principal-led engagement model puts our experience front and center into every one of our client engagements for maximum value.

Art of the Possible Via Evidence-Based Activities

The Echidna system agency construct derives insights and actions. This evidence is used to enable the technology to help clients realize the art of the possible and maximize digital related revenue.


Having a solid Technology Stack, Process Effectiveness and Team is key to success. At the core is a tightly integrated Cart, Catalog, Personalization and Order Management Functionality, residing in the Cloud.

Consumerism of B2b

With the consumerism of B2b, you must find ways to differentiate through engaging and intuitive experiences or risk losing market-share. Why? Because your buyer wants the same easy ordering experiences they get as a consumer, or will seek to find them elsewhere.

Digital Marketing Optimization & Analytics

Your business requires meaningful insights to tackle your unique business goals and amplify brand presence in your market. With focused and data-driven online marketing services, coupled with a seasoned team of digital marketers, we are an extension of your internal team.

Future Readiness

What you do today should will lay the foundation to future of opportunities. Become proactive instead of reactive through a partnership of thought leading, experienced based, and evidence driven solution strategy coupled with a next-generation Digital Commerce technology delivery model. With our future readiness, Echidna will be the last Digital Commerce partner you will ever need.

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