Why It's Time to Consider Headless Commerce

Data reports 57% of IT and eCommerce leaders said their current eCommerce platform would be capable of supporting their business for no more than 12 months.

As many brands are working towards recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, it has made them review their processes. How can a brand quickly pivot to meet the needs of customers? In order to meet the needs of the buyer, along with ever-changing market demands that will only continue, many are looking for a more flexible commerce architecture going into the future.

Headless architecture brings this to life. While monolithic architecture can be challenging to scale and update, headless commerce separates the front-end from the back-end to empower the business user to make quick updates. With the traditional eCommerce model, business users have to wait and align with other teams constantly because a front-end change also means a back-end change. Headless commerce provides an API-based platform with customer-facing content being provided outside, meaning your teams can use the content management systems (CMS), progressive web apps (PWA), customer relationship management (CRM), and digital experience platforms they wish.

The Benefits of Headless Commerce

With speed-to-market often being tied to revenue, it is more important than ever in today’s climate to be able to quickly innovate. Echidna is a long-time expert in headless commerce, educating our clients for years on the benefits. With our latest partnership with VTEX, a technology that combines the autonomy of headless with the agility of a powerful low-code development platform, we thought it was a perfect time to (re)explore why headless commerce needs to be considered for your brand growth.


The premise of headless commerce is that it assumes commerce will rapidly evolve. Headless commerce positions you to be wherever your customers require all while keeping up with technology. For example, with headless, you can instantly split test your build in order to optimize the experience and conversion rate. Deploying changes to even the largest storefronts with ease all while passing data to each buyer personalizing their shopping journey. 


Whether saving time across teams or time to market, headless commerce provides both. With front-end changes being able to be made agile and with the use of headless partner solutions, developers are able to focus on other important tasks. Marketing and other business teams improve their time to market being able to launch new front-end experiences quickly and with lower cost in part to less development.

Improved User Experiences

Customers also benefit from the flexibility and speed with consistent, relevant, and personalized experiences. As business users can control all elements the user interacts with more easily, brands are able to be creative with content and design and publish much quicker to keep up with demands and changes. This can all be tailored to the channel the customer is shopping on, adding to an improved user experience.

Accelerate Headless Commerce

Deciding if headless commerce makes sense for your business is a big decision. Headless does have certain restraints, and a full headless approach isn’t for all. However, the decoupling of the front and back end does bring noticeable savings in both time and cost, ease scalability, plus a variety of other benefits that can’t be ignored. Echidna has been helping our clients navigate headless commerce for years, and has launched our VTEX Accelerator which allows clients to quickly launch a seamless experience in under 12 weeks. Contact our team to learn more about headless commerce and our VTEX Accelerator today.

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