The world’s only fully integrated platform for marketplace,
OMS, and commerce.

The Echidna + VTEX partnership combines the eCommerce expertise of our team with the instant innovation of VTEX. What does that mean for your brand?

Easily expand product assortment. Echidna empowers your brand to leverage the marketplace technology of VTEX. Rapidly explore new ways to sell and fulfill products and services with an array of customization.

Future-proof your investment. The modern microservices-based architecture paired with powerful business and developer tools allows VTEX to future-proof customers’ businesses and free them from software updates.

The flexibility of headless. The serverless development environment eliminates the need to manage infrastructure, making changes or updates to your commerce platform easier and faster. Paired with Echidna’s headless commerce expertise the result is a robust, reliable, and fast eCommerce storefront.


VTEX is perfectly suited to those looking for a single software provider for multiple brands
Consumer Packaged Goods

Key Partnership Highlights

Robust Commerce

This partnership adds VTEX’s comprehensive e-commerce, marketplace, and order management capabilities to Echidna’s extensive ability to design, deliver, and support robust B2B, B2C, and B2B2C commerce solutions to businesses across industries.

Headless Commerce

Echidna will leverage the platform’s MACH-based (microservices, APIs, Cloud-native, and Headless) architecture to craft comprehensive commerce solutions that support and empower our clients’ businesses and technology strategies.

Collaborative Commerce

Delivering strategic solutions and consistent value to our clients is our goal. VTEX aligns with this goal by offering a comprehensive platform that brings both the capabilities and coordination that companies will need to grow and adapt to changing customer demands and to incorporate new innovations.

Modern Commerce

The VTEX partnership offers a scalable, extensible, and modern architecture to enable rapid implementation, business automation, and continuous innovation. The solutions Echidna builds on VTEX will empower clients with the modern commerce capabilities necessary to compete in today’s (and tomorrow’s) ever-changing digital markets.

“We design and build robust, reliable, and responsive storefronts for our clients, and VTEX provides an extensive and impressive platform to do so with absolute confidence in the solutions we deliver.”

– Mike Pierce

President and CTO of Echidna Inc.

Accelerate Your Time to Market for Less

Echidna’s VTEX Accelerator fuels your growth faster with a predefined roadmap, launching a streamlined B2C or B2B eCommerce minimum viable product in under 12 weeks. Start recognizing value, collecting data, and achieving goals quicker for a fraction of traditional market cost.