Understanding the B2B Buyer in 2022

As you evolve your B2B commerce strategies, online has likely made its way into the conversation in some form or another. The pandemic has caused B2B online spending to greatly increase and post-pandemic B2B markets will continue to see digital as a main sales channel and growth opportunity.

What should you consider when choosing technology, understanding purchasing pain points and finding desired solutions for B2B eCommerce?

Consider your ideal buyers and their customer journeys.

As more B2B buyers look towards omnichannel experiences that include digital, you will want to ensure you have a well-defined strategy and execution plan, one that is meeting their needs. This latest article explores three areas of the online experience that can either keep your buyers coming back or break the success of your digital sales growth.

Purchasing Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction Are Key for B2B Buyers

B2B buyers going into 2022 are leaning more towards purchasing and customer satisfaction of the overall site experience versus brand loyalty or cost-basis. High numbers of brands have switched suppliers during the pandemic, in large part due to their online experiences. Creating a superior experience includes numerous factors, but three of the most important to consider are below.


Undoubtedly the pandemic has disrupted supply chains and affected delivery speeds globally. 

Make sure that you are communicating clearly to buyers and being transparent about fulfillment information. Logistics around delivery and the ability to cater to specific shipping requirements continue to top the list as a major pain point for B2B buyers. Be honest and provide up-to-date information on your delivery, this can be in a combination of emails, within their online account portal, on product pages, or during the check-out process. 

Site Functionality

Companies who treat business customers as they would direct customers when considering site functionality will see an increase in revenue streams and sales and conversion. Specific areas to review customer journeys and improve upon include:

At Echidna, we work with our B2B clients to embrace a user-centric, omnichannel approach to ensure that buyers are encouraged to move seamlessly through the purchasing funnel and to transact. We can help you improve your online experience without undergoing a complete design transformation through our UX Site Audit service.

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Site load speed

We live in a time when if we want it, we want it now. Slow loading desktop and mobile sites or apps continue to be a growing frustration and top reason for B2B buyers to drop off and cancel online purchases. Beyond customer satisfaction, site load speed also affects search engine rankings. 

Echidna provides a site performance audit service that includes a report of the server response time of each page, cookie usage, DOM element size, 404 pages, and HTTP requests. Our team offers recommendations to improve site design, optimize scripts, optimize image size, reduce HTTP requests, and more in order to improve site load speed and performance.

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Your B2B eCommerce Partner

Online commerce offers a huge opportunity for B2B-focused businesses. Migrating customers from offline to online channels can reduce costs around acquisition, service, and free up sales teams to focus on other growth opportunities. 

Echidna partners with B2B organizations to support their online growth goals with a variety of services. From service audits, road-mapping strategy, system integrations, platform selection, and digital marketing- our team is here to help.

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