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You can sense a huge opportunity to differentiate your brand's online presence and create a meaningful user experience. Optimizing conversion, increasing revenue, improving engagement- it's all just around the corner. But you need a partner to help you get there. And you need to know that the user experience agency you go with will actually deliver on what they're promising.

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If your website or mobile app is underperforming,

It’s Time For A UX Site Audit!

The cost of inaction can result in poor conversion rates and missing growth goals

We created our UX Audit to offer clients quick results, empowering them to make educated, objective decisions based on data and user behavior. Working together, we help our clients substantially improve growth goals with simple, principled adjustments. Whether minor changes to a transactional flow or major redesign edits, we assure our clients get the most out of their user experience.

Michael Braun

Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

How Do We Perform A UX Audit?

By leveraging data and applying best practice user experience and usability principles, we identify key pain points and areas of opportunity. Our team provides you tangible, prioritized insights and recommendations that can be smoothly transitioned into your roadmap and implementation plan.



We focus on key user tasks by strategically understanding the need and the core processes behind it, watching actual user behavior – and then designing the experience to maximize their efficiency.



We perform a deep qualitative site review, analyzing each page of the site, utilizing key user flows on various devices – identifying areas for improvements and exposing usability issues, dead ends, functional opportunities, etc.



We perform a quantitative site review – studying site analytics data (via Google Analytics, Good Tag Manager, HotJar, others) to identify and expose issues on key user tasks. We assess the current reporting structure, customer behavior patterns, and key events being tracked.


Insights &

We provide insights & recommendations labeled by the issue, its priority and the proposed solution. By proposing functions and flows that best support both business operations and individual needs, we improve digital engagement.

What to Expect With Our UX Site Audit

Increased Conversion

UX is one of the most significant factors affecting conversion rate.

By integrating upsell and cross sell items at the right moments in your experience, you could increase your Average Order Value by 20%

Key User Flow Optimization

It’s important to make your key tasks as seamless as possible. Checkout is a prime example of where the user experience often gets overly complex.

Simple updates to your transactional flows can produce conversion improvements by 15%!

Reduced Usability Errors

You want your site to impress, but if it doesn’t offer easy usability you’ll lose traffic and user confidence. From complex navigation to poor search to excessive information – these all can hinder your site’s goals and ojbectives.

Our UX Site Audit has the ability to vet out usability issues, dead ends and confusing interactions – significantly reducing call center interactions and increasing self-service.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Our UX research also defines key features and functionality to improve customer engagement – many times, in ways that are not openly expressed by the user.

Ensure your customers are completing the engagement opportunities on your site with principled, proven design patterns.

From Manufacturing to Retail

We’ve Helped These Brands Boost Their UX

  • With Echidna’s UX Site Audit
    You’ll Gain Access To:


    User research findings, and qualitative and quantitative analysis


    Over 25 years working on online experiences, from retail to manufacturing to back end tools.


    Key page and functional designs with expert suggestions

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