How Oracle Commerce Cloud Doubled Product Revenue for One B2B Company

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It is complex and ever-moving, but if you put the pieces together correctly your brand can reap the rewards. By starting with the idea of supporting their customers and internal business units, Construction Specialties is doing just that - and doubling product revenue - with the help of Oracle Commerce Cloud for B2B and Echidna.

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Oracle Commerce Cloud for B2B Meets Challenges

Challenge #1

Many B2B companies find themselves constrained by the limitations of their current eCommerce platform. Oracle Commerce Cloud offers them a one-stop solution to launch eCommerce successfully with a single admin interface, laying a foundation for continuous innovation. 

For example, integrations have been a long time headache. Making sure everything works effectively and efficiently -seamlessly- can be complex. By taking a systematic approach, Echidna utilized Commerce Cloud to easily solve the challenges of connecting data for Construction Specialties. Several ways the technology offers this includes:


Challenge #2

Like many B2B companies, Construction Specialties has business unit-specific rules required to govern product configurations, options, pricing, and availability. This can quickly become difficult and time-consuming to implement under certain platforms.

With Oracle Commerce Cloud, business teams can now handle these tasks quickly and without development teams. The tools are intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for all users to input product information efficiently. 

By leveraging Oracle Commerce Cloud’s capabilities to create an intuitive UI and robust B2B eCommerce features, Echidna was able to create Construction Specialties online experience to offer customers a convenient channel to browse robust product configurations, fulfillment options, and pricing variations. 

Below is one example of many highly-configurable products that Construction Specialties offers to their construction-focused customers.

Oracle commerce cloud customer


Challenge #3

Manually requesting a quote has long been a cumbersome task that takes away from the seamlessness, an eCommerce experience should offer. Oracle CPQ Cloud is the only cloud solution able to support a complete quote-to-cash process including product selection, configuration, pricing, quoting, and approval workflows. 

By utilizing the “Out of the Box” connector available in Oracle Commerce Cloud to connect with Oracle CPQ Cloud, seamless integration is established without compromising the performance and user experience.

Construction Specialties having multiple business units and product lines are now able to offer product configurations, tiered pricing, and quote processes to their customers hassle-free.


Challenge #4

Does your business offer a variety of fulfillment options along with customized shipping charges for various products? You’re not alone.

By using Oracle Commerce Cloud’s webhook framework, Echidna built an order processing middle-tier within Oracle Java Cloud for ERP integration. Doing so enabled Construction Specialties to receive single orders from customers and split them for fulfillment across multiple business units.

"Echidna's team took the time to understand our company, products, and customers to utilize Oracle Commerce Cloud to its fullest.”

Ven Modugula- Chief Information Officer, Construction Specialties

Companies that thrive in this digital world will do so by delivering superior customer experiences. This is largely done by connecting data at every stage during the customer journey while creating a clean user experience. The investment in a platform like Oracle Commerce Cloud for B2B is vital to further fuel customer engagement and growth well past 2020.

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