Preparing Clients for the Next Era of
Commerce with Oracle Commerce Cloud


Oracle’s Commerce Cloud is one of the top-ranked SaaS eCommerce platforms. Part of the Oracle Customer Experience Suite, Oracle Commerce Cloud offers both B2B and B2C merchants a unified, modular SaaS infrastructure. As a certified Oracle Gold Partner, we focus on Oracle Commerce Cloud services to provide merchants the ability to make it easier for their customers to do business with them and prepare for their future growth at scale. With eCommerce technology a core foundation to the innovation and growth of brands, we want to empower you to make the best use of the Oracle Commerce Cloud platform and deliver a feature-rich website to your customers. We have extensive global experience working with Oracle Commerce, with mutual clients including Kohl’s, Liverpool, Michael Kors, and most recently Oracle Commerce Cloud client, Construction Specialties.

Oracle Experience

Echidna has over 10+ years of Oracle Commerce experience and has extended our capabilities to Oracle’s newest eCommerce platform solution, Oracle Commerce Cloud, making us a preferred partner. Our team partners with both B2B and B2C merchants to harness the full features of the extensible SaaS commerce solution. We guide our clients every step of the way, allowing them to quickly add and customize the features using Rest API and custom-build technical solutions with fully responsive and intuitive UX and design in order to make Oracle Commerce Cloud work for their unique business requirements and industry.

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Mutual Clients


We Help Improve eCommerce Operations By

01 copy Created with Sketch. 01 Building your commerce engine on the Oracle Commerce Cloud platform

02 copy Created with Sketch. 02 Integrating Oracle Commerce Cloud with enterprise and 3rd-party systems

03 Created with Sketch. 03 Operating, Supporting, and Monitoring your Oracle Commerce Cloud platform and other supporting online channels

04 Created with Sketch. 04 Continuously innovating to recommend optimizations to your commerce engine

05 Created with Sketch. 05 Taking the default Oracle Commerce Cloud experience to the next level by using best of digital user-centered design capabilities to create a fully responsive and device-centric UX.

Key Service Highlights

Custom UX Design

Implementing custom UX designs on OCC platform leveraging OOTB functionalities to achieve front end user experience.

Platform Configurations

Configuring OOTB functionalities like payments, shipping, tax, price lists & other commerce functionalities.

Legacy Data Migration

Migrating legacy data including catalog, contents, orders and customers to the OCC platform in real time.

Enterprise Integrations

Seamless integrations with legacy back end operational systems including ERP, OMS and other third party support systems.

Java Service Cloud Extensions

Leveraging Java Service Cloud to integrate third party systems with OCC.

Server Side Extensions

Developing Server side extensions to build custom features not supported OOTB in OCC.

Experience With Oracle Custom UX

Our design team takes the default user experience of OCC to a different level. Using intimate knowledge of eCommerce retail and the best of digital user-centered design capabilities, we create a fully responsive and device-centric UX. Our design is focused on aiding customers along the purchase path – resulting in a better user experience and higher conversion rates.
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Social Plugin

Customers like to talk about the products they are looking at and buying. For marketers, this opens up another way of engaging with customers. With built-in social plug-ins, we bring the power of social media to your doorstep.

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Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews enhance online conversions. Yotpoo”ers a beautiful widget that helps generate ratings and reviews to improve customer engagement and increase sales.

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Analytics Information is essential, especially to online businesses. Google Analytics and Optimizely integrate seamlessly, and let you hit the ground running.

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Mini Cart

A Mini-Cart provides key contextual information to customers when it comes to driving conversions. Mini-cart features allow customers to view the contents of their cart at any time with a simple click.

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