Streamline Purchasing & Fulfillment: Magento's B2B Buyer Experience Essential #2

One of the most difficult tasks in digital maturity for B2B organizations is to create compelling interactions across all touch points and phase of their customers journey. Consider the research and first impressions of the potential buyer all the way through purchasing, fulfillment, and ongoing customer service and support. From considering role allocations and key account permissions, to improving self service solutions and knowing the best practices in catalogue and merchandise management- these are all imperative to creating an engaging and helpful experience for your buyers. By pairing these tools with innovative ideas to create a fast path to purchase, your brand will showcase digital maturity and therefore have an edge on competition.

Echidna is pleased to have again partnered with Magento Commerce by offering our advice for the B2B market on how to streamline purchasing and fulfillment to your buyers in Magento’s B2B Buyers Guide Series, Part 2 of 3. In this short guide you will find:

Learn top tips to manage the B2B customer journey through streamlining purchasing and fulfillment with the B2B Buyers Guide, Part 2 of 3. Look out for Part 3 coming out next week!

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