Enhance Engagement & First Impressions: Magento's B2B Buyer Experience Essential #1

The nature of B2B commerce is changing with new technologies and millennials entering the roles of purchasing agents and corporate buyers. The B2B purchaser is about simply getting things done, not always having time nor wanting to pick up the phone to obtain a quote or place an order. However, pivoting your B2B commerce operations to include e-commerce can be complicated by both business and technology. One thing is certain, your business will need to differentiate itself by providing meaningful and personalized experiences online to foster relationships and sustain growth.

Echidna is pleased to have joined forces with Magento Commerce by offering our experts insight regarding B2B e-commerce and buyer behaviors in Magento’s B2B Buyers Guide Series. Part 1 of 3 is now available for download and offers insights and tips to help companies focused on selling B2B to enhance engagements & first impressions. This includes expert advice on answering questions like:

Learn the keys to successfully engage your buyers across all touch points with the B2B Buyers Guide, Part 1 of 3. Look out for Parts 2 & 3 throughout the rest of the month of November!

Download The Guide Now.