Improve eCommerce Conversions in 2022 With These Updates

Let’s play Jeopardy for a minute. 

The answer is: A group of people requiring instant gratification, hiccup-free transactions, and abandoned carts at the first signs of friction.

If you responded "What are online shoppers?" you are correct!

Brands that aren’t delivering these experiences will undoubtedly see lower profits than their competitors. Given this reality, 2022 has never been a better time to think about improving your customer journey and eCommerce capabilities.

So what initiatives can you set forth to create this “made-for-me, completely seamless, fast experience”?

This takes rethinking your store network and upgrading your eCommerce capabilities. In order to boost customer experience and conversions, without incurring wasteful expenses or undue burden on internal eCommerce or teams there are several updates to the user experience your team should consider.

Consideration #1 

How do you enable hundreds, even thousands, of orders per second without technology issues?

Product drops, flash, and private sales. Black Friday.

Whether it's slow-loading pages, promo codes not working properly, oversold stock, or even site crashes these snafus can quickly turn customer sentiment south. However, done right promos like flash sales or big shopping days like Black Friday can generate millions of dollars in just minutes. 

Without adequate capabilities, software bugs or hardware issues create lasting damage to these events. Make sure you have the pre-configured data and infrastructure to enable these high-velocity events quickly and inexpensively, without disrupting day-to-day operations.

Consideration #2

How do you deliver local experiences to global shoppers from New York to Tokyo?

Delivering experiences based on geography is one of the best ways to improve your overall customer experience and personalization. The good news is there is now technology available that doesn’t require you the headache of duplicating your core market’s entire eCommerce structure for each new market. Contact us to learn about how it is now possible to launch multiple native stores reflecting the local language, currency, and payment methods without the risks and costs of setting up shop overseas.

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Consideration #3

How do you create that ideal personalized experience?

We agree that personalization is an overused and oftentimes misconceived buzzword. The next wave of personalization is going to reflect an ongoing customer/brand relationship, not just a transactional opportunity. At Echidna, we often see merchants getting stuck in data trying to nail the perfect singular offer, while the focus should be on creating a differentiated level of service. Identify and prioritize your opportunities while considering your customer segments, then work to reduce friction in their buyer journey and find ways to cultivate loyalty. 

Consider your high-value, shopping-often customers. Share snapshots of next year's line, a private VIP sale to create a different experience for this select segment. Make your customer feel like they are part of an exclusive club with special access to inventory. This will create a much stronger relationship than a one-time transactional offer.

Moving Forward to Increase eCommerce Conversions

What is the best roadmap to quickly respond to changing customer preferences and increase eCommerce conversions ASAP? Several next steps can help build the right conditions. 

First, work to define the online experience you will/want to offer. Mapping out this experience means walking in your customers’ shoes through each of them. Our UX Audit service allows customers to easily understand where the bottlenecks and mediocrity in their sites occur and take action to quickly fix issues without having to undergo a full site redesign.

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Speaking of experiences, don’t forget about Amazon. While you won’t (and shouldn’t) mimic every move the giant makes, you should stay abreast of what is working well for them. They set customer expectations that people want to see across the board. Consider how you can compete with their best capabilities.  

Next, work with your team to create a true distinction on how you will create customer delight at every interaction. How will you nurture your customer relationship over time to grow them into loyal brand advocates?  

Finally, assess your eCommerce systems. If they are built for speed, ease, and flexibility it is in the brand's best interest to consider investing in one that is. Having a light, API, scalable platform will give you better control over your brand experiences without relying on armies of people and slow, long processes.

If you need guidance on any of the topics mentioned above to improve eCommerce conversions reach out to our team of experts at Echidna to start a conversation. 

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