What eCommerce Sites Need to Do Before Black Friday 2021

Working in eCommerce during the holiday season is both a challenge and an opportunity. With the global pandemic, businesses were also forced to quickly re-think priorities for online commerce and pivot much faster than anticipated this year. You’ve likely been preparing to welcome a queue of customers to your virtual storefront come Black Friday 2021 for weeks, even months.

Echidna has been with our clients every step of the way, working with brands to create a solid foundation and ensure a successful holiday shopping season. Going into our 11th holiday shopping season of helping clients, we hope you find guidance with our top four areas to focus on. 

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Site Performance

Don't be left out on Black Friday because your site can't handle the traffic. Identify issues before the holiday hits with Echidna or another trusted partner in order to scale and improve the performance of the site.

Expert Tip: Make sure you do a code freeze at least four weeks before Black Friday to ensure stability before the peak hits.

Site Security

Data breaches are expected to continue to increase this holiday shopping season, so make sure your site and team is prepared. Set up tools well in real-time to detect major breaches (Magecart attacks, supply-chain attacks, skimming, and form-jacking are several common ones).

Data & Analytics Tracking

Having a real-time dashboard to monitor things like traffic, revenue, AOC and more is so important for digital commerce during this time. Tagging and tracking campaigns in order to measure ROI and remarket afterward are two ways to use this data, but there are also so many more opportunities this information will open for your brand going into the new year.

UX/UI Optimization

From improving site navigation to simplifying the checkout experience, the easier you can make your visitor's site experience the longer they will stay and shop on the site.

Echidna's team of UX/UI experts can perform a UX Site Audit to bring forth numerous ways to increase conversions, improve customer engagement, reduce usability errors, and optimize the user flows of your site.

Let Your Site Shine This Holiday Season

With over a decade of helping our clients find opportunities in the holiday shopping season and a team of digital experts who have been in your shoes, Echidna is here to help. We partner with brands to help them not only remain competitive but set a strong foundation to allow them to continually innovate and find growth opportunities.

Contact Echidna to learn more about how our team can help boost your Black Friday 2021 holiday sales and set a solid foundation for a successful 2022.

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