Creating a Convenient B2B eProcurement Experience on Oracle Commerce Cloud

Introducing HorecaHub B2B eMarketplace on Oracle Commerce Cloud

HorecaHub is the innovative leader in selling, marketing, and distributing food and non-food products to hotels, restaurants, cafes, and cloud kitchens; providing top quality food and catering supplies to the foodservice industry.

Echidna was delighted to partner with HorecaHub in creating their B2B eMarketplace, Buyers can now log in 24/7/365 and have the autonomy and flexibility to manage their orders and accounts on their own terms. Our team was able to fully leveraging Oracle Commerce Cloud as the foundation for the eMarketplace, making it possible to offer an exceptional online experience for their buyers that can be scaled well into the future. 

The eMarketplace focuses on trading all items of the HORECA businesses (hotels, restaurants, cafes). Whether food, non-food, consumable items, and equipment it is important for them to offer buyers an easy-to-navigate experience with access to the best pricing daily. HorecaHub has created an easy way for clients to purchase online and can better analyze purchasing behavior which can be used to continually improve the customer experience.

Take a quick tour of a buyer-sided view of the HorecaHub eMarketplace:

Putting the User Experience First

The main goal in creating the HorecaHub eMarketplace is to ensure a user-friendly experience throughout. It is important for buyers to be able to find products, filter them, and put their shopping cart together as quickly as possible with a smooth checkout process. Technically, it is important the online store is able to communicate with the ERP system to pull stock immediately and offer a responsive solution for users visiting from various devices. 

user experience agency

A full suite of features and functions were deployed to give buyers the personalized and seamless experience they are looking for.  Several notable functions and features Echidna implemented onto the eMarketplace included:

The Echidna team was happy to partner with HorecaHub on this project and looks forward to collaborating on future innovations for their users to enjoy.

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