Five Pillars of Optimizing the B2B Buyers User Experience

When it comes to getting prospects to your B2B e-commerce site, you're doing a great job- the traffic numbers speak for themselves. However, what about where it really counts- are you converting enough of these visitors to add items to their carts? Product pages are becoming increasingly important as more people head online to make purchases. As retailers raise the bar on self-service e-commerce, B2B buyers expect the same. By leading with a customer-centric mentality and tackling common gaps within the B2B online purchasing process by using integrated e-commerce and CPQ technology solutions you will be able to create a solid foundation for the future and allow customers to be served how they want to be.

Five pillars must come together in order to create a truly optimized product page and online buying experience for your B2B customer. 

Five Pillars of Optimizing the B2B Buyers User Experience:

Remember, the main goal for a product page is to build the visitors confidence. The product page should offer all the information necessary to make a purchasing decision and offer a user experience that is intuitive and as straightforward as possible. Having product pages that contains useful and understandable information catering to current and prospective customers is important. Taking these five pillars into consideration when redesigning product pages will help you optimize them to the fullest.

Digital transformation is a strategic journey of innovation that offers incredible potential for growth. It’s less about overhauling your systems and more about shifting strategic plans to invest in and to be more competitive in today’s digital markets. If you are interested in learning more about delivering valuable online solutions and further guidance on how to optimize the B2B buyers user experience, download our B2B Merchants E-Commerce and CPQ Technology Guide below.

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