B2B and B2C eCommerce Growth Opportunities Beyond Coronavirus

B2B and B2C eCommerce Growth Opportunities Beyond Coronavirus

1990 marked a low point in the Minnesota Twins baseball franchise. The team was at the bottom of the American League West and morale was at an all-time low. Many wondered what was to come of the team the following year. However, just one year later the Twins came back stronger than ever. So much so that they captured the 1991 World Series championship after finishing dead last just a year before.

What does the story of the 1991 Minnesota Twins have to do with top B2B and B2C eCommerce growth opportunities during and post coronavirus? Making such a turnaround required the Twins to have strong leadership, team determination, and continual innovation.

Right now it is vital merchants look towards the future and prepare for it in the same manner as the Minnesota Twins took to baseball that year. Leadership needs to guide teams to pivot into the new normal. A new normal that includes a surge in demand for online purchasing for a foreseeable future. Teams should be ready to step up their game during this time. That includes confronting both the challenges with the opportunities eCommerce offers- looking at the customer with a different lens.

Recover Revenue & Prepare for Future Growth Post Coronavirus

Right now several areas in eCommerce stand out for offering swift and impactful change for businesses' bottom line. The retail and commercial sectors can overcome the challenges and create opportunities for the future when they have the right focus on their eCommerce operations.

4 areas to improve B2B and B2C eCommerce

  1. Improve Site User Experience Customer expectations have changed of digital in just a few short months- does your site reflect this? A full site re-design can be costly and time-consuming, something many brands can’t afford right now. Considering a UX Site Audit which offers incremental changes that can make an impactful difference. A UX Site Audit means quick quarterly reviews of your site. The review gives your team answers to improve user flows, usability errors, and just about everything else holding you back from optimizing your conversion and engagement.
  2. Review eCommerce Features Changing customer expectations also means buyers expect different features of eCommerce. This could be something as simple as contactless pick-up options, paying invoices online, or reimagining the entire seamless shopping experience. The features your eCommerce site offers are important to current and future success. 
  3. Harness Data and eCommerce Analytics To enable real-time decision making and shift from segmented to individualized marketing requires the right data and analytics. This may sound expensive, but it has been proven that the right tools and approaches can significantly reduce costs. Imagine being able to better navigate demand forecasting or deepening your value to your ideal target audience. Your decision making will improve greatly in all areas of your business once you include data and analytics into everyday processes.
  4. Prioritize Site Optimization This is a great time to get your site in order and optimized, especially if you are experiencing less online traffic. Site optimization greatly improves search engine visibility and usability. This can include reviewing keywords your prospects are searching for and improving your content, optimizing for mobile devices, improving CTA’s (call-to-action), and page speed optimization. 

Reimagine Possible

The Minnesota Twins are a beautiful example of how done right, it can be a game-changer. Within one year they went from bottom to the top. They reimagined possible with strong leadership and coming together to continually innovate and evolve towards being better

Whatever phrase you decide to call it, it starts with leadership showcasing collaboration, agility, and openness. Create daily team cadence calls, weekly leadership connects, and a monthly review to stay on track. Be prepared for more action, less research. Build a sense of urgency around the customer and support your teams to execute with the right processes and governance- to be better, faster. 

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