eCommerce Trends Driving 2021

COVID-19 has brought massive change to the eCommerce industry. We are at a pivotal time of disruptive change for all markets. While the restrictions of COVID-19 won’t remain in place forever, customers will expect the conveniences too.

As the rate of online shopping continues to skyrocket, it’s important for brands to focus on their eCommerce. Staying up to date on eCommerce trends and implementing ones that make the most sense for improving your brand's overall user experience is important.

Top 5 2021 eCommerce Trends to Know About

1. Marketplaces will continue to be a preferred shopping destination

Over eCommerce storefronts, marketplaces will continue to take preference. Both B2B and B2C shoppers favor convenience, which makes marketplaces a preferred choice.

Instead of fighting against marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon, or even Etsy consider which ones make the most sense for your brand to partner with. While you don’t own the data, marketplaces can still offer a large channel for your brand to diversify and grow.

Our client, HorecaHub, recently launched their new Oracle Commerce Cloud B2B eMarketplace. This offers buyers an efficient way to order a wide range of food and non-food products for hotels, restaurants, cafes, and cloud kitchens. 

2. Shoppable social media isn’t slowing down

Another trend moving ahead quicker than predicted is shopping via social media platforms. Combining two favorite pastimes of many people- shopping and social media- is an excellent way for brands to increase visibility and sales in 2021.

Shoppable video ads tend to be preferred over static images. Your brand can get involved by doing things such as unboxing, tutorials, or lives. At a minimum, make sure you have an active social presence where the bulk of your shoppers “live”- whether that be TicTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. Who knows, opening up doors to social media platforms you haven’t been active on before could be a huge opportunity for your brand to reach a new audience.

3. Augmented reality is set to boom

AR has already been a game-changer in eCommerce and it won't be slowing down in 2021. Allowing shoppers to try out products before they buy gives many the confidence to buy online when they wouldn’t have done so before.

In 2020, as many as 32% of users used AR for shopping. 


This year, expect not just large companies to take on AR. It has quickly become more mainstream for sites and apps to offer the technology as customers are fast driving the movement.

4. B2B eCommerce will soar to new heights

COVID-19 pushed the B2B digital transformation even faster than analysts predicted. After all, B2B buyers are consumers after work ends and many of them expect the same conveniences they have with B2C shopping.

This poses a great opportunity for companies that create easy-to-use, self-service, and value-driven online experiences. B2B companies will need to quickly innovate online to keep up with their counterparts in order to remain competitive.

Our client, Jessup Manufacturing, focused on updating their eCommerce experience in 2020 and has seen a 150% increase in conversions. 

5. Fulfillment offers competitive differentiation

Fulfillment demands amongst the consumer surged in 2020 and will continue to be a focal point. This makes one of the 2021 eCommerce trends to be aware of. Brands that can figure out how to fulfill faster, smarter, and more sustainably will be in a great growth position. Several key things to note include:

What trends are right for your brand?

What 2021 eCommerce trends are right for your brand? Every business is unique and not every trend is going to be worth tackling. Look to your customers, competitors, and industry to see what they are doing and requesting. 

As eCommerce continually evolves, we are always going to be looking forward. It’s never too late to jump right in or update what you are currently offering. One thing is certain, modern commerce systems must delight customers, automate operations, empower employees, and deliver strategic advantage to the people who use them.​

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