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Volt offers factory-direct and professional-level landscape lighting products straight to contractors and consumers. We met the Volt team when they were working through a few crucial challenges. One, they needed a new eCommerce platform. Two, they needed some visual design help in terms of finding ways to leverage their brand throughout their website. And three, the user experience needed a significant upgrade: customers needed to have the ability to get detailed product information themselves, but also reach out to contractors for especially complex situations. And through the entire experience, Volt wanted to portray its products in the authentic everyday situations where they would actually be used.

Echidna's Perspective

In evaluating new eCommerce platform options, we were excited to introduce the Volt team to Kibo, a next-generation cloud-based eCommerce platform that would give high levels of admin control and gracefully scale as Volt grows. Echidna's user experience team was able to take advantage of the existing branding to create a brand new design for the website, along with an entire design system to give context for future use of the brand's design elements (for example, a color hierarchy guide that shows which colors to use for specific elements of the experience). To make an experience that truly works for the end user, we created a guided selling tool that automatically gives the customer the perfect prouct offerings based on his or her specific needs. And to top it all off, we created a shoppable images tool that allows imagery to show products in the real-world context while keeping product details readily available for customers.

Capabilities Utilized