Transformed eCommerce, Enabled Technology


The Syntap team came to Echidna with an innovative concept that had the potential to disrupt the in-store shopping experience. Syntap is essentially an in-store digital platform that aims to offer a rich and personalized in-store experience. As a first-of-its-kind product, there were a variety of technology and functionality challenges that needed to be addressed. The biggest challenge was that everything needed to be context-aware: from loading store-specific products and promotions in the app, to tracking a customer's movement throughout a specific store, to allowing shoppers to purchase items across stores and channels in a single transaction -- everything about Syntap revolved around context.

Echidna’s Perspective

We were naturally excited about Syntap, as we saw an opportunity to do something entirely new and innovative. Echidna took responsibility for evaluating and choosing the specific technologies to be used, architecting the solution, and implementing and deploying it. Since the solution involves software development, the Internet of Things, and custom devices, we had to bring together a ton of different skillsets to make it possible. In the end, we delivered a rich, personalized shopping experience for in-store retail customers. The Syntap team is still working on rolling it out, but hopefully you get to experience it at a store near you soon!

Capabilities Utilized