Transformed eCommerce, Enabled Technology


We met the team at Mr. Price back in 2014. As one of the largest fashion retailers in South Africa, Mr. Price had a huge need for mobile commerce. In South Africa, the majority of the market wasn't using laptops or desktops -- they were using mobile phones. So mobile wasn't a nice-to-have for the retailer: it was a need-to-have. Along with not using computers, many of Mr. Price's customers didn't use credit cards, so the new solution needed to accomodate delayed payment methods. Mr. Price also had a multi-store approach with many brands under the corporate umbrella -- MRP Home, MRP Sport, etc. -- which meant that the brand's different physical storefronts needed to be reflected in the digital world.

Echidna’s Perspective

First and foremost, we made mobile commerce a reality for Mr. Price -- a pretty big deal in 2014. They were one of the first major retailers in the South African market to have a world-class mobile commerce experience. We also helped the company set up its entire online ecosystem from a strategic vision perspective -- from process management to photography to business roles needed, we helped them envision the bar that needed to be met when going all-in online. Utillizing Mr. Price's design partner agency's work, Echidna produced and developed the visual designs, built a mobile app with wide-ranging functionality, and trained the company's business users on Oracle's system. In the process, we developed a cash-on-delivery system for customers that didn't have credit cards, which was common for the market. The result was a set of eCommerce storefronts that catered directly to Mr. Price's customers across all of its brands.

Capabilities Utilized