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Kohl’s is a retail giant, and as such the company had been working with a few very large technology systems integrators. Those firms, though, were running into significant issues — over 200 of them — that they were completely unable to fix on the front-end UI. This meant that Kohl’s was struggling with limited functionality of its user interface, along with performance hitches and other bugs — definitely not ideal for one of the largest retailers in the United States.

Echidna's Perspective

All we needed was one shot to show what Echidna can do, and Kohl’s was generous enough to give us just that. Because we specialize in front-end UI development, we were able to step in and fix the 200+ issues very quickly — enhancing functionality, improving the shopping cart experience, and making page load times faster in the process. Kohl’s liked our work so much that they decided to make us their primary front-end UI partner. Since then, we’ve continued to provide 24/7 + holiday support, ongoing enhancements and improvements, and research-based project work for Kohl’s.

Capabilities Utilized