Transformed eCommerce, Enabled Technology


As a Vermont-based retailer of high-quality outdoor technical apparel, KL Mountainshop was facing challenges in maximizing value from its eCommerce technology, Kibo. Although they had replatformed to Kibo, there were elements of the implementation that left room for significant improvement. Luckily, the team at KL Mountainshop ultimately met the team at Echidna, and they brought us in to help right the ship.

Echidna’s Perspective

We were more than happy to assist KL Mountainshop in realizing the full potential of the Kibo commerce platform. To begin, we upgraded the retailer's website to the latest version of Kibo, which meant more feature and functionality options right out of the box. As part of the enhancements process, we also updated their retail catalog data, cleaning and optimizing it for future use by KL Mountainshop.

Capabilities Utilized