Transformed eCommerce, Enabled Technology


As a self-described retailer of "affordable luxury" jewelry products, Elisa Ilana already had seven different eCommerce websites when we met their team. Although they had a significant online presence, Elisa Ilana wanted to move forward with a new eCommerce platform and updated designs, and we were more than happy to step in and help push their experience into the future.

Echidna’s Perspective

Kibo immediately stuck out to us as a great fit for Elisa Ilana, as it could easily accommodate the seven different sites while allowing for centralized, admin-friendly management. We worked with the Elisa Ilana team to offer creative counsel (since they wanted to handle design in-house), and we then implemented the design work on their main site. After launching the primary site, we then pushed the code to all seven of Elisa Ilana's sites.

Capabilities Utilized