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Founded in 1985 by an Olympic rower, Boathouse Sports provides custom on- and off-field apparel to elite institutions and athletes around the world. When we met the Boathouse team, they had already developed an innovative microsite model that allows teams to set up their own personalized apparel stores. But, the process ended up taking a lot of time from an administrative standpoint. On top of the time constraint, Boathouse was planning on doubling or tripling the number of microsites, which presented a big challenge for the already-strained eCommerce platform they were on.

Echidna's Perspective

We knew that Boathouse needed a capable eCommerce platform to serve as a base for its operations, so we partnered with Kibo. By replatforming Boathouse to the cloud-based Kibo commerce platform, we were able to ensure that the system would gracefully scale as the company continues to grow. In the process, we also built a custom application to ease the burden for Boathouse’s business users. The application enables end-customers to set up their own microsites, resulting in time and money saved by Boathouse Sports' business team and ultimately allowing the company to invest more in marketing their innovative microsite model.

Capabilities Utilized