Transformed eCommerce, Enabled Technology


The team at Volt wanted to build a brand new site from scratch for a new brand that would act almost as a sister site to Volt, and thus AMP Lighting was born. The vision behind AMP was to provide more of a storytelling experience, with more content infused into product and specification details than would be present on a typical site. The site also needed to accommodate two primary states: one with pricing available (for signed-in contractors), and one without any pricing information (for the general public).

Echidna’s Perspective

With a focus on designing a content-driven experience, we provided creative and brand strategy direction for the user experience as a whole, along with specific application of best-practice eCommerce principles. Visually, we took the brand's logo and color palette and utilized elements from both to be applied to the visual design of the entire site. We also took advantage of the opportunity to create the information architecture from scratch, in the process informing user experience elements such as the mega menu and navigation system.

Capabilities Utilized