Evolving With Their Customer for Over 70 Years

At A Glance

Hills is an Australian based technology products and services company committed to staying ahead of their customer demands. Since 1945, they have been providing B2B solutions in the building technologies sector, as well as shared services, like asset management and service capabilities. The Hills Australia team decided to improve its digital operations by adding additional features to its Kibo Commerce Cloud site and evolve their user experience. Echidna was delighted to collaborate with Hills Australia to empower their eCommerce continual innovation.

Project Highlights

  • Leveraging the full suite of Kibo Commerce Cloud, giving them a modern eCommerce solution with robust features and functionality.
  • Updating their entire site user experience and interface to deliver a functional and feature-rich device-responsive website.
  • Improving overall purchasing journey to include various features such as stock check, product ETA, delivery choices, and personalized promotions.

Connecting, Entertaining, and Securing People's Lives

Hills Australia is so much more than a distribution company. As a one-stop-shop for integrated building technologies, with competencies across the sector that few others can match they deliver high-quality service and unparalleled expertise. With a vision to connect, entertain, and secure all people's lives they are consistently focused on opportunities in technology and communication. Today, Hills Australia offers the best products and solutions available while delivering high-quality service, advice, and expertise.


Hills wanted to make sure their website reflected its vision and customer commitment.  They also needed to make sure the user experience was easy to navigate all while being personalized. Utilizing Kibo Commerce Cloud as their SaaS eCommerce solution, they partnered with Echidna to deliver improved UX/UI and continually support and maintain their digital business.


Hills Australia now offers a robust, scalable solution with a focused user experience. With a suite of eCommerce features deployed, their customers have the personalized and seamless purchasing experience they expect to drive online sales and growth.

The Change

102%increase in conversion rate

73%increase in the transaction amount

86%increase in revenue via desktop

38%increase in revenue via mobile

140%increase in Add to Cart sessions

126%increase in Check-Out sessions

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