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Halco Technologies has been a household name in lighting for over 40 years. With proficiency in energy efficiency lighting, supported by their in-house testing facility, Halco Lighting Laboratory, they serve both B2B and B2C markets with a robust product portfolio. Committed to being a formidable leader in the electrical industry, the company prides itself on offering the best value through quality products and excellent service with the highest level of integrity. In order to maintain that commitment, Halco partnered with Echidna to unify their B2B eCommerce website and update their user experience.

Project Highlights Include:

  • Implementation of Adobe Commerce Cloud to create a flexible, scalable, and responsive site.
  • Enhanced User Administration – Company/User Account Administration framework built to enable B2B Customer Accounts to define unique User Roles and Permissions at the Company/Customer level.
  • Enhanced Product Admin – Customizations to the Adobe/Magento Admin panel provide Business users the ability to more efficiently manage product attribution and associations by product category within a single catalog administration view.
  • Integration with Halco’s ERP Epicor Solar Eclipse – The real-time integration for price, availability, order and invoice display was critical for Halco’s B2B customer experience. The custom integration works seamlessly and gives customers the ability to self-service with ease.

What the Halco Technologies Team Says
About Our Partnership

“A partnership with Echidna was the perfect choice for us because their knowledge is so extensive… not just Adobe Commerce Cloud, but the full spectrum of eCommerce. We chose Echidna because of their ability to provide practical guidance on both strategy and design. This proved invaluable as we worked through how to best meet our customer’s needs. They took the time to understand our company, products, and customers, and provided a platform that will allow us to continue to add features and function for our customers. Their support and passion to deliver the best solution for our customers made this project a success for us.”

Chris Chickanosky

CEO, Halco Lighting Technologies

Positioned as Leader in Digital Commerce

By supporting their commerce operations on a single platform, Halco Technologies now offers a best-in-class shopping experience through a unified B2B eCommerce and Customer Self-Service website on the Adobe Commerce Cloud platform.


In order to meet the complex commerce requirements for both B2C and multi-business/B2B customers, a solution that provided a streamlined experience with personalization was required. Adobe Commerce Cloud provides a robust foundation for multi-business and B2B customers. Both customers and internal teams are now able to overcome previous challenges with the consolidation of the Halco, Sollos, and J&J Electronics brands into a single website. Echidna implemented many out-of-the-box capabilities and developed additional custom tools to proactively give customers the ability to shop online and manage their accounts even easier.

With this move to Adobe Commerce Cloud and the launch of their new digital channel, Halco gains the ability to continually delight their customers with new conveniences, grow and create new business opportunities, and set the pace of innovation for competitors to match going forward.

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