Turning Complex Sales Into Self-Service Online

At A Glance

FrontPoint Security’s business model is based on selling intuitive and easy-to-use DIY products for home security and automation, but their sales experience was complex, requiring salespersons to guide customers through options to complete the sale. We implemented Magento Commerce Cloud to create an intuitive online experience for customers to purchase without having to connect to a salesperson. Behind the scenes, we improved team efficiency now allowing them to meet their lofty growth goals.

Project Highlights

  • Creating a unique storefront UX right on top and delivering the intuitive self-service shopping experience for visitors on all popular devices.
  • Leveraging Magento’s attribute sets and product attribution to create self-service selling experiences.
  • Creating assisted selling for retail partners at their locations
    Designing and implementing a storefront that delivers improved user experiences across all connected devices.

What the Frontpoint Security Team Says
About Our Partnership

I love working with the Echidna team! They helped us with the redesign of our company
ecommerce site and developed custom configurations based on our business needs. They provide fantastic customer service and work. I am so impressed by their quality of service and working strategy. They have a great expertise, are dedicated, attentive, talented and care much about the client needs. I highly recommend them.

Ann Marie Bethel

Senior Marketing Manager of eCommerce at Frontpoint Security

Transforming the B2B Customer Experience

Frontpoint Security shook things up in the home security space by introducing a DIY system and perfecting the customer experience that went along with it. They have revolutionized the way people interact with their homes by using cutting-edge products and technologies that unlock the potential of the security-first smart home. FrontPoint’s mission is to make families feel safe, more connected, and to inspire the world that great service still exists.

To make sure their customer experience was mirroring the simplicity and ease of the products, Frontpoint Security started on a transformation journey to improve both B2B and B2C online storefronts. They contacted Echidna to implement Magento Commerce Cloud and improve the user experience in order to reinforce their commitment of providing self-service solutions all around to customers.

Frontpoint Security now delivers a streamlined eCommerce operation providing them the scalability, responsive design, extensive extension and customization capabilities they require to execute on their overall growth plan.

The Change

User engagement and conversion
continue to improve throughout the
customer experience.

7.1%growth in users moving into storefront

11.7%growth in cart to checkout

11.7%growth in cart to checkout

165%growth in shop conversion

136%growth in cart conversion

111.2%growth in checkout conversion

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