Continental Battery Brands

At A Glance

Continental Battery has been a reliable battery distributor since 1932. Acquiring Ellis Battery and Battery Joe over the years, these brands collectively serve both the B2B and B2C markets offering a complete battery solution. With deep-rooted customer relationships, these brands represent a robust national presence that continues to expand. For this reason, the organization looked to partner with Echidna in order to improve its eCommerce operations for both customers and business users. In order to meet the complex commerce requirements for both B2C and B2B customers, a solution that provided a simplified experience with personalization and fueled customer engagement was required.

Project Highlights Included:

  • Redesign and migration of Continental Battery, Ellis Battery, and Battery Joe to Adobe Commerce Cloud.
  • Seamless integration with Continental Battery Brands’ existing technologies and added several new 3rd-party technologies to optimize processes.
  • Incorporating custom configurations and creating a personalized shopping experience to efficiently meet the needs of its customers now and in the future.
  • An eCommerce roadmap and strategy were designed to provide continuous innovation and remain ahead of tomorrow’s digital demands.
  • Account session display of offline orders/quick order form (Re-order Pad) to allow customers to add products to the pad and also use the pad to add products to their cart from the home page.
  • Account session display of offline invoice list that allows users to enter their orders and view online and offline invoices easily.

What the Continental Battery Team Says
About Our Partnership

"We are very excited about our eCommerce future and couldn't have done it without Echidna. Their extensive experience in UX design, system implementation, and enterprise integration were pivotal to our efforts every step of the way and enabled us to establish a foundation on which we will build and grow for years to come. Echidna’s knowledge of Adobe Commerce Cloud ensures we use the platform to its full extent, and its ability to reliably deliver valuable eCommerce solutions and services assures us that we picked the right partner. We look forward to the road ahead and the rewards sure to come!"

Libby Dougherty

Director of eCommerce for Continental Battery

Driving Digital Growth Forward

Echidna has helped Continental Battery Brands establish a foundation for innovation and drive future revenue growth and operational efficiency. Adobe Commerce Cloud allows Continental Battery Brands to improve the ease of use and scalability of its eCommerce operations. Echidna implemented many out-of-the-box capabilities offered with the platform and also developed additional custom tools to proactively give customers the ability to shop online and manage their accounts even easier.

With a comprehensive eCommerce solution and updated user experience, Continental Battery Brands’ will be able to move forward to gain access with improved online selling capabilities while meeting customer and scaling channel expectations for accessibility and overall ease of use.

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