At A Glance

For over 60 years, AirBorn products have been trusted to perform in extreme conditions where mission-critical reliability is vital to success. As a supplier to defense, aerospace, medical, and industrial leaders, AirBorn’s core business is engineering & manufacturing specialized connectors & electronic components for Original Equipment Manufacturers.
Focused on continual improvement, the company wanted to offer its customers a modern commerce solution that was as high-quality as the products it provides. Leveraging Echidna’s eCommerce and UX expertise, AirBorn set out to design and deliver modern online experiences to serve digital customers.

Project Highlights Include:

  • Seamless integration of Endeca and CPQ to further improve user interaction by offering advanced search capabilities not before possible.
  • Silos to the checkout experience have been removed and AirBorn now provides a modern commerce experience through a single website.
  • Custom interface to view search auto-suggestion in three different sections within a single layover based on the search keyword
  • 3D models of configured products prior to customer purchasing through an HTML template based on the product details through the CPQ integration

“Our eCommerce initiative is focused on enhancing customer service and the overall customer experience by enabling self-service for our customers. Echidna not only understood our tech stack but was able to guide us in improving the overall customer experience by thoroughly understanding our business and the markets we serve. As a key pillar to our growth strategy, the modern CX solution Echidna delivered will help us scale with ease and meet customer expectations.”

Patrick Tolbert

Director of Digital CX & Marketing at AirBorn

Building a Modern B2B eCommerce

Their eCommerce platform provides the robust foundation Airborn required to meet their complex commerce requirements. Echidna leveraged the technology to create a highly customized, user-friendly experience that is able to scale with ease. For example, customers can now easily find and configure products in their comprehensive catalog of connectors and electrical components from any device.


With a deep understanding of the market AirBorn serves, Echidna developed additional customizations beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities to surpass customer expectations and fuel the growth of their new online sales channel.

The new modern commerce solution empowers Airborn’s internal teams to work faster and provide customers with a reliable, easy-to-use online shopping experience.

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