Your B2b Buyer Is Thinking Of Breaking Up With You.

Your company has been doing this for years and seen nothing but success. You created a website because "that's what you're supposed to do", but you depend solely on your sales reps because that site is more about offering information to your partners, not conducting complex transactions.

Oh, how times have changed drastically.

Technology has revolutionized the way we shop. 8 out of 10 Americans shop online. That’s 79% of consumers who shop on the web/phones, up from 22% back in 2000.

But what does that have to do you with your complex B2B buyer?

Your buyer has changed. A lot. Not only do they want to have that consumer experience dealing with you, they want the control and convenience of their research and purchasing decisions to mirror how they handle their personal purchases with major retailers on the web.

Still not convinced? Well, is all-in.

In 2017, Amazon launched a “Back to Business” campaign, promoting their new marketplace for B2B buyers called Amazon Business. The level of exposure to this promotion is clearly signaling that Amazon business is a priority for the company, boasting already 1 million customers in less than 6 months.

Jeff Bezos/Amazon doesn't want to be the next Sam Walton, he wants to be the next Jeff Bezos of everything. Long story short, Amazon wants to own YOUR customers, even if it isn’t profitable for them to do so. For your enterprise to maintain customer ownership, strategic customer road-mapping is imperative for your digital maturity. What that means is that you need to provide the same level of convenience that customers have come to expect in their personal lives, while also meeting the complex needs of business buyers. These 6 suggestions would be a good place to start:

1. Mobile-First optimization
2. Clean site design and workflows
3. Provide immediacy and convenience of 24/7 purchasing
4. Personalized experience of your full range of customers
5. Product selection and recommendation assistance
6. Long tail inventory options

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