Why Composable Commerce is the Right Fit for Your Business


Many companies find themselves on antiquated eCommerce technologies and are now at a crossroads. After investing countless dollars through the years it can be a difficult decision to look to switch. However, in today’s data-driven age the eCommerce technology your company uses must act as a cornerstone for your business. That means being able to not only unify all digital tools, but quickly meet the ever-changing demands of buyers.

When reviewing eCommerce technology a big question to consider is “how does this technology add value to my existing systems and what does my ROI look like?” 

At Echidna, we understand that no one technology fits all companies. That's why we work with our clients to define their MVP solution and help them choose the right eCommerce platform to fit their current and future needs. Our approach combines big picture thinking with practical expertise, enabling our clients to overcome the challenges that can prevent complex change initiatives from succeeding.

When it comes to eCommerce technologies, there are always pros and cons to consider. The right technology for a particular business will depend on its current and future roadmap. That's why we take a pragmatic approach, carefully evaluating each client's unique needs and helping them select a platform that will support their goals.

In short, our goal is to help our clients build a successful eCommerce ecosystem that meets their current needs and has the flexibility to adapt as their business evolves. So, whether you are a retailer looking to launch an online store or a B2B company looking to improve your eCommerce capabilities, we can help you navigate the complex world of eCommerce technology and choose the right solutions for your business.

A closer look at composable commerce

This technology provides an approach that enables business and tech teams to bring their brands unique digital vision to life by launching and continuously optimizing digital commerce experiences that leverage multiple best-of-breed vendors composed together into a complete, business ready solution.  

Composable commerce leverages technologies and approaches like MACH (microservices, APIs, Cloud, and Headless) and JAMstack (JavaScript, APIs, & Markup) architectures to adapt to the rapidly changing market dynamics now and in the future.

  • Pay for only what you want and need

With this technology you are in essence building your foundation, your way. This technology does not come with features like PIM or CMS built-in, you procure and integrate third-party solutions that fit your specific business needs. 

Breaking it down further, composable commerce provides extreme flexibility and embraces an API-first, headless architecture. The frontend and backends are decoupled, similarly to a headless approach. Composable includes added personalization of your tech stack.

The software communicates through APIs to create complex business solutions. However, these pieces can also work independently - meaning that one piece of the puzzle can be replaced without impacting other parts of the system. This approach enables companies to select what solutions and solution providers they desire when it comes to functionalities. As such, you pay for features and services only your company requires. 

With the headless architecture that also means the frontend and backend are decoupled, you can have multiple storefronts, brands, markets…whatever you like and need. That’s because you are simply leveraging the same backend and putting different UI interfaces on top of it.

  • Free and Agile Updates/Releases

Does the thought of an upgrade fill you with dread? These cloud-native platforms provide releases that are free and agile, so you are always up-to-date with the latest features, resulting in better reliability and security. This approach can help companies decrease maintenance costs by being able to perform updates on their own schedule.

  • Business-user friendly

The architecture is programming language-agnostic, so this allows you to leverage existing investments and skills to provide your development teams with more freedom and lowers your costs. Further, with an open-source composable commerce solution the licensing is free. Plus, with a SaaS subscription model expenses related to staffing, power consumption, maintenance and security are kept to a minimum. 

Being promoted as being very business-user friendly, lifting some or even all of the responsibility from developers, it is  built with the use of low or no-code and its operation does not require specialized skills in most cases. For example, marketers can update their website content themselves, in real-time, without the need for developers to do updates.

  • Increase the speed of innovation

If you’re not fast enough to meet the ever-changing demands of buyers, they’ll be quick to move on and you’ll lose out on revenue. As mentioned in the last paragraph, the ease of use allows for even non-technical team members to be able to create.

Innovate and scale using the robust and performant APIs. APIs are the staple of connecting software within modern business ecosystems.  So whether you’re considering adding new product lines, selling via new touch points or integrating the latest tech like AI and voice commands, it’s all possible – opening up your business to new revenue streams and capturing more customers.

Composable commerce is flexible when it comes to building applications, but also in business and strategic terms. This allows for quick decision-making by selecting appropriate providers depending on the market, based on the analysis of competition or financial situation.

Create a commerce experience that matches your vision

As a flexible and customizable approach to eCommerce technology it allows companies to select and integrate the best-of-breed solutions that fit their unique needs. This technology is built on an API-first, headless architecture, which allows for independent and decoupled frontend and backend systems. It also offers free and agile updates, as well as the ability to perform updates on a company's own schedule and is business-user friendly, allowing companies to adapt to rapidly changing market dynamics now and in the future. 

At Echidna, we understand that no one technology fits all companies, and we can help our clients navigate the complex world of eCommerce technology to choose the right solutions for their business.

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