Important Features and Functionalities to Consider for B2B Digital Commerce

As 2019 comes to a close, many leaders in B2B are reviewing their digital strategy going into the new year. Digital transformation is a strategic journey of innovation that offers incredible potential for growth. Consider it less about a complete system overhaul and more about shifting plans to invest in and be more competitive in today’s digital markets by delivering valuable online solutions. One of those online solutions is offering e-commerce and m-commerce (mobile commerce). Digital commerce offers B2B the ability to introduce new innovation to delight their customers, make their internal operations more efficient, and outpace their competition.

After work hours, B2B buyers are ultimately consumers so considering a lot of Retail’s strategies in digital commerce makes sense. However, with the complexities of B2B the roadmap also has a few more twists and turns to consider.

Investing in a modern commerce platform is one of the first steps, but when that B2B buyer is on your e-commerce site or app what exactly are they looking for (or not looking for) in their user experience?

Echidna has compiled a list of important features and functionalities to consider for B2B digital commerce:

Knowing where your market is growing and where to invest your resources play important parts of your business growth and success in 2020. Having the right partner for creating a seamless B2B digital commerce experience and an experience that will increase revenues and decrease expenses will drive greater customer satisfaction and lead your growth. How does B2B digital commerce look for your business going into 2020?

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