The Digital State of the Food and Beverage Industry

Through 2018, online grocery sales will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 21.1 percent, reaching nearly $18 billion by the end of the forecast period. Retail and wholesale grocers, manufacturers, service suppliers, and their affiliated associations are big business. The impact that online shopping is having on the grocery industry for both B2B and B2C can not be overlooked.

It is critical for the grocery industry to understand the various options they have when it comes to creating an e-commerce experience for their customers. With so many different business models, they need to have a secure go-to-market strategy around digital so they can more effectively adapt their overarching strategic plans and make smart investment decisions. As the market continues to expand for online grocery, it will expand its online shopper base and with that customer expectations for service will rise. Being prepared with a digital strategy short and long term is important to ensure your brand continues to remain relevant and competitive. Our 2018 Food and Beverage E-commerce Report focuses on several important factors when crafting your digital strategy. This report discusses:

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