Getting the Most Out of Your Current Technology by Redefining Integration

Properly connecting your business applications, whether cloud-based or on-premise, can provide you a huge competitive edge in this dynamic world. This improves back office operations, streamlines processes, offers better sharing of information, and effectively increases customer satisfaction through better user experiences. 

This can be a daunting task with the various technologies companies may have in place today. Different systems from different vendors with different formats, ages, and accessibility can result in too many manual processes, slowing things to a frustrating level. Workarounds can be created, which can also be time-consuming and so aren’t long term solutions for success.

Thriving in a Digital Economy 

Streamlining business processes by effectively connecting people with technical systems is essential to thriving in today’s digital economy and well into the future. Whatever company-specific processes are needed, by automating your processes your team will work more efficiently and productively, effecting both back-office and customer related experiences positively.

Echidna is working with a client to implement a new Oracle Commerce Cloud e-commerce site.  The client wants the ability to connect their newly built e-commerce site into their on-premise ERP system for faster and more effective data analysis. Using Oracle Integration Cloud, they are now able to securely and quickly connect these applications and now related workflows are streamlined. As they move forward with a phased approach to migrate more on-premise applications to the cloud, they will be able to easily adjust the integrations, as needed, while their current systems fully functional during the integration process.

Connecting Disparate Systems Creates A Competitive Edge

Today, many business systems are disconnected, coming from different IT vendors at different times. This creates many manual and slow processes. This inefficiency can directly impact customers and employees and have a huge effect on your bottom line. Connecting disparate systems removes the need for human intervention, decreases errors, and increases the flexibility and usability of your applications. This kind of connected platform, unifying processes and applications to analyze results more quickly, you allow your business to maximize productivity and get ahead of the competition. This isn’t a daunting task. Most systems connections can be done in a matter of days or just a few weeks - rather than over several months, without the proper integration tools.

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