How UAE’s Largest Pet Supplier Improved Their eCommerce Experience with Echidna

Managing a large number of SKUs while still offering a personalized and seamless online shopping experience for every visitor is a challenge. However, for those merchants able to embrace a strategy and overcome the complexities, the reward is a better understanding of your customer with insights that can drive improved innovation and endless opportunities.

As UAE’s biggest pet supplier with over 13,000 products available for same-day or next-day shipment,  Dubai Pet Food saw their greatest opportunity was overcoming that challenge. With 6 dedicated stores and a loyal customer base, this company understands what pet parents need to take care of their loved ones. Unfortunately, their current eCommerce experience was not allowing them to showcase this. They chose to partner with Echidna to help ensure that visitors of their eCommerce site felt that understanding and personalized approach throughout their online shopping experience- whether it be via desktop or any mobile device. With our partnership, they were able to launch a site on Oracle Commerce Cloud and create a React Native mobile app that offers each pet parent a delightful digital experience supporting their unique needs all while providing great service.

Challenges Met With Solutions

With such a large number of SKUs and a variety of visitors, Dubai Pet Food knew they would need a platform that was flexible and scalable to continue to grow with their brand well into the future, all while allowing them accurate insight into customer data.

Choosing Oracle Commerce Cloud and their API-first approach as their eCommerce technology, Dubai Pet Food is able to scale and evolve with their customers' changing needs. Before they were lacking accurate customer data and online customer engagement was low. With intelligent personalization and merchandising, they have a clear view of customer needs and are able to quickly design digital experiences to market new blogs and products to customers. Their product recommendations, search, and guided navigation have also been upgraded to include artificial intelligence allowing for smart recommendations and increase add to basket with contextual shopping.

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Project Highlights:

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Mobile Experience Improved

With so many shoppers now going to their cell phones to make a purchase, having a seamless experience on all touchpoints is important. That is why Dubai Pet Food didn’t want to stop at just their site but also create a superb shopping experience on a React Native mobile app.

The “DubaiPetFood” app is now available on Google Play and Apple stores. Echidna partnered on this project to help create an experience that:

Seamless Shopping, Personalized Experience

Being able to innovate and evolve easily is both a challenge and an opportunity for any organization.  Dubai Pet Food’s updated eCommerce site welcomes many visitors who are able to quickly find what they need for their pet while receiving a personalized approach. Echidna was delighted to partner with them on their eCommerce website. 

Initial Change Reported:

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