Optimizing PPC Starts With This

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a moving target and one that can no longer be ignored by merchants. Without having a PPC budget you are leaving growth opportunities and a competitive advantage on the table, something that can’t afford to be done this year. On the flip side, with an effective and optimized PPC strategy, your brand will reap the benefits of improving your larger ongoing strategy which can lead to increased sales, brand recognition, and improved customer loyalty.

Understanding where gaps exist and how to improve means having a strong understanding of the performance of your digital ads used in PPC campaigns. This includes the collection of strategies and likely a variety of channels, from how you present your brand to where you place the ad. In order to capture the largest group of prospects at the top of your sales funnel year after year, having an audit of these campaigns on a regular basis will not only enhance their performance but reinforce strategic marketing to help you further accomplish your goals.

PPC Audit Process

Amazon Advertising, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook and Instagram ads- the list goes on all the various digital mediums your brand might be using to drive awareness and sales. Start by compiling a list of all channels your brand is using. Next, you will want to take each channel and perform an in-depth look at your PPC account structure and performance, putting together a comprehensive diagnostic report that should include:

PPC Audit

This report should ideally be a 90-day snapshot that includes KPI’s (conversion rate, cost per conversion, etc). Once the information is presented it will allow you to better assess your current bid and spending structure and assess technical factors, account set-up, audiences, and your overall targeting strategy.

Beyond delivering important insights into each channel's performance, an audit will allow you to improve each individual ad's performance and review your competitive landscape. Through this information, you can identify structural concerns, wasted spending, and performance-based opportunities. 

How a Leading Audio Equipment Manufacturer Optimized Spend and Cost Per Conversion

Echidna partnered with Seismic Audio, a leading manufacturer of professional audio equipment, including DJ speakers to perform a paid marketing audit. Like many brands, Seismic Audio heavily relied on paid marketing through numerous channels including Google ads, eCommerce marketplaces, and social channels. They wanted to work on optimizing PPC - the spend and cost per conversion - and through Echidna’s Paid Marketing Audit service, we were able to help them:

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