3 Highlights from Magento Imagine 2019

It’s been over a week since Imagine 2019 wrapped up and we couldn’t be more excited about the announcements, connections and education that took place at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas for those few days. There is no doubt that the merging of Magento and Adobe will create great things for the world of commerce, both B2B and B2C markets alike. A large topic of conversation was about creating a solid digital commerce foundation to allow merchants to become future ready and stop feeling forced to react to change, but instead start inciting it themselves. Magento Commerce, an Adobe Company showcased several ways they intend to help their customers continue to do this and further solidified their commitment to help merchants create a limitless commerce experience.

3 Highlights From Magento Imagine 2019:

  1. Magento PWA Studio Elevates Mobile | They listened when the data came back saying the majority of U.S. holiday traffic came from smartphones when announcing earlier this year Magento PWA Studio for merchants. Magento PWA Studio is excited to know have a new partnership with Braintree and Paypal to further the speed and power of mobile experiences. All this means now it is easier than ever to build great front-end experiences leveraging Progressive Web Apps and improve mobile performance.
  2. Enabling Growth For All Enterprises | Many announcements throughout Magento Imagine that all merchants will be excited about. Small and mid-market enterprises were shown capabilities to accelerate their growth in their hyper competitive niche by Magento Commerce leveling the technology playing field, allowing these merchants to free up more of their time to focus on the things that can give them a competitive edge. Larger enterprises learned about the two-tier architecture built out into the Magento platform allowing ease for horizontally scaling on the front end, and vertically scaling on the back end.
  3. A New Amazon Partnership | Jason Woosley, VP of Commerce Product & Platform, Experience Business at Adobe announced on stage that merchants can now access a seamless experience between Amazon.com and their own storefront. Amazon Pay and Fulfillment by Amazon will have native integration to offer additional convenience with secured payment and shipping services for shoppers.

Echidna met with merchants to discuss taking a holistic approach to collaborative modern commerce and how that would look within their organization. We believe the change happening modern commerce can be seen as a catalyst for brands, retailers and merchants to take advantage of with the right methodology and business components in place.

Let’s talk about your commerce practice.

-Do you have a clear roadmap with KPIs and business outcomes, along with a process for measuring and progress milestones along the way?

-Is their a unified vision for the organization’s goals and the roles each team, person, and discipline plays?

-What is your ability to deliver real-time information and react and respond to changing market conditions and customer needs?

-Do you have consistent access to high quality data, business performance and insights across divisions?

-Does your organization have the ability to adopt structures, processes and creative capabilities to address new opportunities?

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