Magento 2 Migration FAQ

Magento 2 migration is on the minds of many current Magento 1 companies, with questions swirling around timelines, costs, and all the what to expect and what if’s one can imagine. At Echidna, we have been working with our Magento 1 clients to navigate the waters of their own Magento 2 migrations with ease. The first thing to understand is it is a migration- not a point and click upgrade. Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 involves changing database structures, themes and working with a new API. You will want to have the migration expertly managed to avoid data loss and downtime. We have a few considerations when you are looking into making the migration:

Before You Start Your Magento 2 Migration

Do consider an upgrade of your site at the same time as the migration. It is a perfect moment to make serious changes and get your site ready for the next level of digital growth. Work with experts in user experience and technology to consider whether your site needs to be designed with more hardware, more advanced topology, etc. 

Other Magento 2 Migration FAQ

  1. Cost: Just like an upgrade between 1.x versions, the level of effort to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 depends upon how you have built your site and its level of customization. Also, as mentioned earlier, migration is the right time to consider an upgrade to the site, such as improving upon the User Experience (UX). Changes like these will further influence the cost of migration to Magento 2.
  2. Extensions & Custom Code: You might have used third party extensions on your Magento 1 system to fulfill some functionality not offered out of the box. While migrating to Magento 2, diligent review needs to be done to see if extension can be removed and replaced with out of the box Magento 2 feature or an Magento 2 equivalent extension is available.
  3. Timeline: The timeline for a migration can vary based on your site, but a safe bet is to allow a minimum of 3 months. Again remember, this timeline is totally dependent on the level of customization you have done on the Magento 1 site.

The right delivery partner is crucial to success, whichever Magento 2 migration procedure you decide on. Moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2 requires a careful, considered approach, but Echidna has the expertise to make it simple. We are proud to be a certified Magento Solutions Partner and Magento 2 Certified and will be taking to the stage at Adobe Summit 2020 with our client Frontpoint Security on a session around Transforming B2B and B2C Commerce. Contact our digital experts to discuss your questions and requirements around a Magento 2 migration today.