Magento 1 Support End of Life- Is it an Option?

Magento 1 Support End of Life- Is it an Option?

It happened you guys. Magento 1’s end of life came and went. No, those who are still utilizing M1 didn’t crash and burn, but they are missing on a lot of goodies, security, and more provided by it’s older (or would it be younger?) sibling, Magento 2. Neither here nor there, if you decided to stay on Magento 1 for whatever reason you might be wondering your options going forward into 2020, and if Magento 1 support end of life is feasible.

What To Know Before You Look Into Magento 1 Support

Understanding what fellow Magento merchants have done might help you as you look towards your own future. And while there is no right or wrong answer, because ultimately every business is in a different position with various goals, it is wise to see what the greater group is choosing to do.

It's been widely publicized that the move from M1 to M2 is not a simple weekend point and click operation. Magento 2 migration does require a detailed approach that takes time- which takes most merchants several months or more. It’s understandable that this move isn’t feasible for all merchants due to timing, resources, budgetary concerns- the list goes on. And that’s okay- it’s a big decision and luckily additional options are available.

While staying on M1 is obviously an option, there are some real looming concerns sticking on the platform. Namely, with security patches ceasing to exist you can expect the cyber threats to become more pronounced and a true threat for causing some major trouble (stealing confidential info like credit cards and identities to start).

Echidna’s Magento 1 Support Program

While we encourage every merchant to at minimum create their roadmap for a future re-platform, we understand a variety of reasons for staying put on Magento 1. We also know that during these times we need to all come together and support each other. As part of our commitment to clients during COVID-19, we are offering a Magento 1 Support Service to allow those choosing to stay on M1 an option to do so in a safer manner. 

If you are a merchant still on Magento 1 and are still looking into your options, consider Echidna’s Magento 1 Support Program. This program isn’t a lifetime of support but meant to offer merchants additional time to re-platform considering the recent unknowns and uncertainties we have all been dealt with.

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