Mobile Commerce: Key Strategies to Drive Growth

Commerce strategy changed rapidly for all sectors during Covid-19.  From self-checkout, digital payments, virtual appointments, and more brands shifted to meet guidelines and ensure their customers felt safe. But now as the pandemic eases, what does the future hold for digital? Companies can respond by continually improving their digital experiences in order to hold on to their newly digital consumers. Customers loved the convenient and personalized online experiences that emerged during the pandemic, and with their introduction, we can expect those conveniences to continue driving buying decisions in all industries.

One of the most important experiences that shows no signs of slowing down is that of mobile commerce (or m-commerce). Mobile commerce refers to the buying of services and goods via mobile devices. Likely you’ve already read all the data around the growth of both B2B and B2C m-commerce, which started well before the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to keep current customers and reach new buyers, it’s important to have a strategic plan that includes m-commerce and can quickly adapt to changing behaviors.

Optimizing your m-commerce

When it comes to our smart devices, we want everything expedited- including our purchasing journey. It is important to consider avenues to optimize your m-commerce site and consider if a mobile app fits into your overall strategy.

53% of visitors will abandon the mobile site if it takes more than three seconds to load

Your customer experience correlates closely with how fast your site or app is. This will be a continual task to work on because every second you can shave off will continue to benefit you. In fact, Google says this is so critical that you should allocate a ‘speed budget’ and have an entire strategy dedicated around how to always be improving your mobile site or app speed.

While apps generally run faster than mobile websites because they are storing data locally on the smart device, they also pose some cons. Customers first need to decide they are willing to download and give the app space on their device, and even more use the app regularly. This offers a large window to abandon the purchase. You need to make sure your app experience is a rich and rewarding experience for the user in order to see long-term value in this option.

Another option to consider is a progressive web app (PWA), which are in essence websites that function like apps. This means you get the benefits of the faster speeds, but the customer doesn’t have to visit the app store- simply by going to your website they are immersed in the PWA each and every time. 

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Simplifying your m-commerce 

Bottom line, anything unnecessary needs to be eliminated in m-commerce. The fewer steps to the final purchase equal higher conversion. 

76% of customers use mobile devices to purchase because it saves time

Here are several successful ways to create a simplified m-commerce experience: 

Focusing on their m-commerce strategy, Jelly Belly increased mobile sales by upwards of 300%.

Read their entire case study.

Consistent user experience

Having a strategy that includes creating a consistent experience across multiple channels (web, mobile, in-person, social) not only allows customers to make purchases that best fit their specific needs, but data from Salesforce also shows that 73% of customers will likely switch brands if they don’t get this. Several things to consider when mapping out a consistent user experience includes:

Is your brand well-positioned to grow its m-commerce channel?

Organizations have a multitude of options to choose from when it comes to growing their m-commerce channel. Deciding where to start and take your m-commerce strategy depends on your evaluating your business structure and strategy and digital maturity, as well as current skill set, resources, capabilities, and functionalities. 

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