Improving Average Order Value for B2B E-Commerce

We often discuss the differences in catering commerce for B2C and B2B experiences at Echidna. We are always trying to find advantages for our clients, regarding conversion improvements, driving more loyal customers, and keeping them engaged with relevant content and offers. One focus that is dear to our hearts is ensuring their customers continue to build bigger baskets. Why? Because the fact remains that every 2 additional minutes a shopper spends looking for his or her first product reduces the total basket size by a whole product. From a B2C user experience perspective, there are many metrics and standardized levers and functions that we rely on to ensure that customers are getting their fill of products and/or services by the time they checkout. But what about your B2B e-commerce experience?

Not surprisingly, building trust along the experience provides the most potential for increasing average order values. Your B2B Customers - whether contractors, wholesalers or distributors - want a good deal…they are receptive to spending more if they save more, if you can prove you are easing purchasing decisions with timely information and status. Most importantly, they want to know that you understand their business needs and buying patterns. If you can create efficiencies in their day to day process, you’ve created a loyal customer.

How to Build Loyalty and Increase AOV In Your B2B Visitor

Like all good practices, it’s the summation of small interconnected interactions that provide an exceptional customer and user experience. This particular post is going to focus on ways to increase in-page average order value (stay tuned for a post focused on increasing off-page AOV next month). Let’s dig into these various interactions within the site and task flows in which we know they will be most engaged - and least anxious about the purchase decision.

  1. Home and Navigation

  1. New User Login

  1. Promotions

  1. Browse & Search Results

  1. Item Results/Listing

  1. Product Details

  1. Quick Order

  1. Reorder

  1. Account & Personalization

  1. Added to Cart

Over 90% of B2B customers prefer to buy online when they’ve decided what to buy, and 74% of B2B buyers find it more convenient buying from a website than a sales rep. This is one reason why it is critical to include on-page, intelligent cross sells and up-sells into your sales strategy.

  1. Cart

In B2B, Industries Play a Key Role in User Experience

Each industry must properly reflect their customers behaviors and personality. Remember that:

Remember, a thoughtful mix of the tactics above must mimic the customer's offline buying processes (i.e.: via sales agents or tech specialists), and it should not make them feel like you’re squeezing them for an extra dollar.

What is your strategy around increasing AOV this year and for the future? Where do you see your biggest gap areas when it comes to increasing basket size? If you would like to discuss improving your B2B e-commerce experience please contact us at

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