Ways to Improve User Experience with Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies

The ever changing landscape of retail is nothing new. Retailers continually need to do more to convince customers to follow through with their choice in purchasing items online or getting them into their physical stores to shop. Over the past decade, winners in retail have shown that by promoting positive disruption and innovative ideas they are able to build a stronger business from the inside and out. Driving such change comes in many forms, including implementing technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and the use of 3D graphics. From making the act of online shopping more like physically being inside a store to being able to showcase items directly in the consumers room of choice, technologies like VR offer the consumer what they desire both in-store and online - a more personalized and interactive experience in one and the retailers ability to differentiate themselves for consumers.

It’s true, many shoppers don’t own their own VR headsets yet. However, even without headsets you can still leverage this type of technology to benefit both the merchant and consumer and improve the in-store and e-commerce user experience.

Ways to improve user experience both in-store and online with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D:


In order to create a long-term strategy, VR, AR and 3D should be used to enhance the buying experience. Avoid using the technology simply for flair, or it will quickly fall flat. Lasting benefits will be shown through improving the overall customer experience. So whether it is in a physical store or e-commerce site, using VR, AR and 3D offers a way for shoppers to further immerse themselves in the commerce experience and merchants an improved way to gather in-store information.

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