iBeacon Technology in 2015: Adoption, Statistics & More

Where does iBeacon technology seem to be headed in 2015? It's not exactly easy to find information (namely, statistics) regarding iBeacon technology and how widespread it is in today's retail market. But we gathered what we think is some vital information (including a few statistics) regarding the state of iBeacons at the beginning of 2015.

Many well-known companies already into iBeacons

Maybe you've heard of a few of these companies that are using or have tested iBeacon technology¹:
• Major League Baseball
• Orlando Magic
• Marriott
• Starwood Hotels
• Tesco
• Virgin Airlines
• American Airlines
• Japan Airlines
• Coca Cola
• Oscar Mayer
• Hillshire
• Walgreens
• Walmart
• Hammerson
• Nivea
• American Eagle
• Macy's
• Lord & Taylor
• Levi's
• Philips
• and, of course, Apple

You'll notice that they're not all retailers, but many of them are. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean that you should be, but we think it is telling that so many high-caliber companies have exhibited such interest in iBeacon technology. And with such companies investing money into the technology, there would seem to be a pretty decent chance of its continued growth.

iBeacon technology poised to dominate retail

85% of retailers in the United States are slated to adopt iBeacon technology by the end of 2016². That's just an estimate, obviously, but if it turns out to be true, then it's safe to say iBeacon technology is certainly set to be a prolific part of the retail environment very soon.

Time will tell, but retailers need to be careful

Overdoing it on emerging technology can actually backfire on companies. In one hyper-specific example, if users are bombarded with too many push notifications, there's a high risk that they will completely disengage, severely hindering the effectiveness of iBeacon technology. This danger goes for individual retailers and really extends to the entire retail industry. So be careful out there.

¹Fosbury, Computer World