eCommerce Holiday Strategy Guide 2022

Cyber Monday has quickly become one of the most popular days to shop online and we know eCommerce executives are hard at work. Taking a proactive approach for this event and the upcoming 2022 holiday season brings an excellent opportunity to jump-start brand growth in the new year, setting a solid foundation for innovation.

The team at Echidna is delighted to share with you our 2022 eCommerce Executives Cyber Monday guide. Based on our legacy of experience that has been tested over time to contribute to the consistent success of our clients, your teams can leverage this eCommerce holiday strategy guide to find actionable items to ensure you "check all the boxes" and have the proper preparations in place before moving into the tail end of the year.

The 2022 eCommerce Executives Guide to Cyber Monday brings together specific action items to consider before the holiday shopping season around digital strategy, eCommerce technology, user experience, and digital marketing.

Download this guide for eCommerce holiday strategy, including:

  • How to identify ideal buyers and design customer journeys around them
  • The four critical technology areas every site should review before Cyber Monday
  • What your website design is likely missing and how to fix it (quickly!)
  • Improving your check out user experience to increase conversions
  • Quick pay-per-click wins
  • Easy and effective SEO to use moving into 2023

Download the Guide