Digital Transformation vs. Digital Journey

Digital Transformation is much like Omni-Channel, and before that its predecessor Multi-Channel. Terms and topics created by Industry Pundits to help sell services and technologies to a large audience. But the challenge has been and continues to be, that focusing on one off buzzwords will not make Enterprises a better revenue generating business.

Those terms are point in time focused; change technologies, transform the business to this versus the notion of a maturity based continuum…i.e. a Journey. Journey’s differ because they offer a true starting point and continual focus on becoming a better business by concentrating on all components of the Digital side and the silos of business it impacts…which is all of them.

This tool that Al Gore created is and always will continue to iterate, morph and change, thus any “Digital Transformation Project” that is focused on the now, will be like any Expressway built in a major city over the past twenty years- outdated the day it is considered complete. A Journey on the other hand, is an evolving series of events that will take you places you could never imagine, maturing you like the greatest sages of our time. Think Columbus, setting off looking for a new route to the East and instead coming upon a whole new series of lands- The Western Hemisphere; Think Edison, setting off to create a non-oil based light and in turn creating one of the greatest manufacturing enterprises in the world- General Electric; and who can forget Jobs, venturing out to make a more user friendly computer and ultimately changing how people and technology interact- Apple. These were not point in time events, but a Journey that Matured each step of the way.

The above items have certain transformational aspects, however they were not focused on a point in time, but a Journey. As most Journey’s do, they too had (and continue to have) ups and downs, trials, tribulation, joy, and excitement, all of which are part of an ongoing continuum and maturation.

As we think about the Internet from inception until today, we must also think about where it will go. It is by no means a point time construct, but its use, leverage, consumption as well as underlying foundation is constantly maturing. Do you think ten years ago anyone would have predicted the number of online transactions that would be completed on a mobile device? That is both a maturing technology set, as well as the maturing of users.

Thus the use of Digital is truly a Journey vs. a point in time Transformation, one that each of us and the underlying/supporting technologies will continue to Mature over a continuum.

Where are you and your Enterprise on your Digital Journey and Maturity? At Echidna, we can help you find out and walk with you every step of the way.

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