A Beautiful Launch: The First 24 Hours

Sigma Beauty is one of the fastest growing companies in the beauty industry, and it might also be the best kept secret among professional beauty enthusiasts. Founded in 2009, Sigma today is a company with a global presence in numerous countries throughout the world. Beauty enthusiasts everywhere who are seeking the latest innovations turn to Sigma Beauty and its state of the art beauty products.

Today, Sigma Beauty hit an important milestone. In collaboration with Echidna and Kibo, Sigma launched a new web store to reflect its status as an innovative leader in the beauty industry. Just as art and science inform and define Sigma’s unique and cutting-edge product lines, the new site relies on research and design to deliver delightful experiences. With rich imagery in a beautiful setting, the new shopping experience invites exploration without confusing the user. Throughout the project, including those crucial hours just prior to launch, we observed Sigma’s team passionately work together towards one common goal: delivering the world-class experience that Sigma customers have come to expect from the brand.

Launching a site like Sigma Beauty is no small feat. It requires that beautiful artifacts be produced -- from product photography to compelling copy -- and then merchandised to create an engaging experience. It also requires a core system that is both strong enough to hold everything together and flexible enough to be easily adaptable. Kibo fulfilled that need, and the platform’s strong merchandising site builder allowed the Sigma Web Operations Team to accomplish its task in 48 hours. And while by no means easy, those final hours before the launch are always the most exciting time – every piece can be seen coming together as originally envisioned, a concept taking on reality. It truly is amazing to see how teams that are spread out all over the globe coordinate, identify, and resolve issues to finish a project. It is a beautiful thing to experience.

All-in-all, as the launch comes to a close, everyone can feel more and more confident, relax a little, and raise a glass in celebration. Another site launched, and a great achievement that all involved can be proud of. We are not saving lives, but we are making a difference.

What are you waiting for? Check out Sigma's new site now!

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