B2B Mobile Strategy Insight

B2B Mobile Strategy Insight

Many B2B organizations look at excelling their mobile strategy as a complicated process for both the business and technology side, as there are many approaches and options. While this is true when broken into phases and aligning with each pillar of your organization you can ensure a smooth journey that checks all requirement boxes for both customers and internal teams. When it comes to a B2B mobile strategy, the key is not to emulate on a B2C environment or even create something completely new, but to maintain your B2B heritage while coupling B2C processes and solutions to add multiple points of value to all users. 

B2B Users Are Evolving

The nature of B2B commerce is evolving, just like B2C has over the years. While sales agents still provide value, more B2B buyers are requesting multiple purchasing options that allow them to buy 24/7 with or without a sales agent being involved directly. B2B buyers are increasingly researching online as well. By not looking to the demands of the B2B buyer your brand will be at risk to lose market share which is why it is important to consider your mobile strategy going into the future. 

Frost & Sullivan projects that B2B digital commerce will hit $12 trillion in sales worldwide by 2020, up from $5.5 trillion in 2012.

The B2B buyer persona is perfect to utilize mobile, as the majority of them are:

  1. Highly engaged with your brand;
  2. Spending high dollar amounts;
  3. Repeat purchasers on a regular basis’

B2B mobile can offer a whole new world of innovation for your customers, internal teams, and partners. When done properly, this can translate into customers purchasing more often, new products they didn’t know existed, and most importantly remaining loyal. Internal teams can work on larger deals, personalization efforts, and innovative ideas they wouldn’t otherwise have had time for. From in the office, in the field, commuting or need offline access to products, account information, order tracking, knowledge bases, manuals, and more- the need for a mobile strategy is clear.

Over the past decade of working with our clients, Echidna has increasingly been approached by B2B brands to help with their overall mobile commerce strategy and mobile user experience. Navigating all the options to further the customer journey and encouraging customers to stay loyal can seem complex, but doesn’t have to be when approached with expertise. If your B2B business is working on moving their mobile strategy forward contact the experts at Echidna to discuss your options. 

If you found this post interesting, download our B2B Mobile Strategy Insight which provides in depth information regarding leveraging mobile-first features, progressive web apps, native mobile apps, and user experience best practices for B2B mobile.