An Inside Look at Direct-to-Consumer Success

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) has become an increasingly hot topic and is sure to be on everyones radar at the upcoming NRF 2020 Show. Between the threat of digital disruptors and the pricing pressures from retailers, all brands need to adopt a consumer-centric mindset to stay relevant and prepare for future innovation. One way of doing this is through creating ones own e-commerce channel to obtain consumer data to drive their decision making processes. Brands that get e-commerce right win big time in the long run; owning customer data means being able to craft better (more personalized) customer experiences, build more loyal brand advocates, and take all that direct from customer feedback and intel to R&D when crafting new products. 

So what creates a good (or bad) D2C experience? We are taking an inside look into the D2C market to understand more.

Having a Direct-to-Consumer Data Strategy

A D2C website will create the opportunity to collect direct insight from customers, across the entire customer journey. This is by far one of the most important pieces to creating and continually growing a successful brand. It’s important to ask two questions before you start the D2C process so you know how to properly use this data in order to drive action. 

What exactly do you want to know? And why do you want to know it?

Seems simple, but make sure you have clear, deliberate answers to these questions. Once you have a D2C website you can expect to capture all sorts of data (onsite behavioral analytics data, onsite search terms, customer ratings and reviews, purchasing trends, primary contact data, customer service enquiries, etc.). All this data can easily get lost if you don’t know what it is for and where it should go to be useful for the brand. Make sure you identify where ownership of each grouping of data lies so you can ensure that someone is responsible for analyzing it and driving action for the insights.

Final Thoughts

As consumers look to brands for convenience and personalization, the D2C arena will continue to grow. It’s important to consider if embedding D2C into your broader channel strategy makes sense and how to develop a compelling customer value proposition. By going in with agile execution and stringent metrics you will be on your way to D2C success. 

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