Predictions for the Future of E-Commerce in 2020

Winners in retail consistently show that by promoting positive disruption and innovative ideas they are able to build a stronger business from the inside and out. The B2B market has taken note and already leaders have emerged. With it being clear that the fundamentals of what, where and how buying is taking place is evolving at a rapid pace, which technology and strategies should your brand consider? When looking to the future of e-commerce and making our predictions for 2020, we focused on ways that can be truly helpful and meaningful to the consumer and recommend taking a holistic approach to overall commerce development.

9 Predictions for the Future of E-Commerce in 2020:

The winners in retail and B2B e-commerce for 2020 will realize the user experience gaps their customers are experiencing and work quickly to close the gaps with the right technology, processes and teams. Your focus going into 2020 should be to take on a customer-centric mindset in order to see success now and in the future. Showing customers that you are not just here to sell them something, but help them out in other ways is key to seeing growth- as shown from our top insights for the future of e-commerce next year. This type of strategy will require continuous innovation. It means continually reviewing and adding capabilities, features, and optimizations to your commerce business. The end result means you will remain competitive, build upon your customer experience, and be ready for the future. Does your commerce strategy and e-commerce technology support future readiness? Read our report to learn more about finding the right e-commerce technology and if you are looking for help in building your e-commerce business, start a conversation with our experts at Echidna today.

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