Easy to Use- Plain and Simple!

At A Glance

Painting with a Twist is fun, plain and simple! The original paint and sip franchise wanted to update their digital footprint to not only create a site for customers that was easy to navigate but also provide franchisees access to important data. Echidna worked with Painting with a Twist to improve their overall customer-facing website experience and Franchise Administration portal.

Project Highlights

  • Enhanced the UX of the overall customer facing site while introducing integrating new features.
  • Added discount and World Pay payment features integration to the custom eCommerce .NET Application.
  • Franchise Administration Management portal created to allow for individual franchise reporting.
  • Business Intelligence reporting for the head office and individual studios.
  • Custom web API created for franchise details.

Improving Usability for Customers & Franchisees Alike

Painting with a Twist is all about connecting with others while learning-to-paint. Being the largest, fastest-growing brand in the category they pioneered the brand has approximately 300 studios open or under development in 39 states. Though their brand has grown, their goal remains the same- to bring people together to paint and enjoy a glass of wine to create a unique, memorable experience.


In order to continue to serve their customers and franchisees, Painting with a Twist knew they needed to update both their customer-facing site and franchise administration portal. Echidna reimagined their site experience to a simple point and click 1-2-3 reservation booking process. Our team also aligned with leadership to understand the important metrics their franchisees required quick access to, designing BI reports within their franchisee portal so they can now quickly review important sales figures.


Painting with a Twist is an excellent example of how making digital easy to use can help fuel growth from all aspects of your business. With their newly updated site and franchisee portal, they are able to provide a simple, convenient process for their customers and business owners alike.

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